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My name is Dan, founder, and my hope is to demystify the concerns about Artificial Intelligence(AI). There is so much evolving about how AI is bad and also how AI is good. We must recognize that change is inevitable and most often the change is for the betterment of our society and our world. I’m asking you to take a step back and give some thought on the needs and improvements our society desperately need, being open to consider the pros and cons.


I am a life long information technologist, having seen the evolution of the mainframe computer and how the many advancements in technology have made our world an ideal place to be. My journey has allowed me to work for both small and large companies with a goal to deliver capability necessary for effective business operations. Technology continued to change, both software and hardware, which necessitated recurring business expense for both training and new deployment of improved capability.

My personal goal was to always be ready for change, realizing that it was bound to happen in the world of IT. This also be a personal dictate for all – technology has webbed into our lives and requiring us to be flexible. As end users we are faced with accepting these changes as they are integrated into evolving environment and daily interactions.

As I reflect on my career and life, it has been rewarding the experience the wonderful changes in technology. Over the years, I’ve experienced transactions for both personal and business previously taking days and now minutes, sometime seconds to execute. AI is here and it needs to be carefully integrated into our society for the better. This is fantastic and I hope to convey to you the benefits of being open to change and to give it time.


My hope is to use this site as a resource to open our eyes to the benefits of AI, realizing that more is needed in regulating its use. I will attempt to present topics for thought and collaboration on how AI is affecting our lives. I will use this site as a resource to help us explore the various ways AI benefit our homes, school safety, travel and many more of our interactions both at home and as we go about the daily churn.

It seems AI has come at us really fast and it makes us wonder how it will immediately impact the things we considered in the past to be trivial. If w look back a 100 years, we ask ourselves how did people live without the assets that has given us a meaningful way of life. I hope to help all to conclude that things will for ever changes and that we should ensure we continue to grasp and learn how to take advantage of new technologies. It’s here to stay!


The goal of this site is to provide insight and awareness on AI and how not to be afraid of its impact and change. This site will bring together most of the current aspects of AI and its relevancy for our lives. The intent is to present the latest change and how this new technology will affect our lives positively.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you.

All the best,

Dan R.

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